Miami Genesis Catholic Foundations Goal

Our commitment is to our community, and to find ways to build
teams and strengthen relationships to serve our community.

Mi·am·i –noun [mahy-am-ee]
a place called home.
Gen·e·sis –noun [jen-uh-sis]
an origin, creation, or beginning.
cath·o·lic –adjective [kath-uh-lik]
universal; relating to all people; all-inclusive
comprehensive in interests, tastes; broad-minded

The Miami community includes millions of people who live, work and play in South Florida as well as those who identify with the city built on the shimmering reflections of Biscayne Bay. Genesis is about creation and creativity and dreams and dreaming;  it is about our shared history, common paths, and varying directions. Our goal is to create a catholic community of individuals regardless of similarities or differences and finding inclusion of people and their various beliefs. It is not about any single religion or ‘type’ of person, but finding ways to bring people together.  It is where we want to go as individuals and as a community, and our goal is to inspire growth.

Five (5) Primary Project Purposes:

  1. To build teamwork and communication within groups to enhance professional and personal development and to find ways to demonstrate our connectedness to each other through inclusive and compassionate relationships;
  2. To find ways to foster the delivery of compassionate services to those in distress including a recognition of the divine in all of us to grow as people and to better recognize our commitment to, and responsibility for, each other as neighbors;
  3. To develop individual skills and expand social capital to help create a better South Florida for us to live, work and play;
  4. To dare to take the risks that our faith demands of us by sponsoring educational programs to encourage thought, promote reflection, and improve awareness of social issues;
  5. To advocate for a society in which all can realize their full potential and achieve the common good’ via education, social awareness, and collaboration.

The Genesis Fund, LLC was created by the guiding spirit and determination of several individuals affiliated with a special hospital in 2010 when the facility was sold.